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General Terms of Use WebDimension Ltd.

Terms of Use for internet services, domain leasing, web hosting packages and other services provided by WebDimension Ltd. Mazaya Business Avenue BB2, JLT, P.O.Box 23271 Dubai, U.A.E. (hereinafter referred to:"WebDimension Ltd.") & You as user of specified services (hereinafter referred to as:"User").


Users can cancel the service at any time. Fees that have been paid, WebDimension Ltd. have no obligation to return them. Users of web hosting packages, domains and all products and services from web hosting assortment can be persons or companies. Free franchise can read as follows solely on the person.

By accepting General Terms of Use when fulfilling registration form are deemed to have read the terms, understand and accept them fully. With acceptance of terms, You are accepted also franchise agreement.

  • WebDimension Ltd. provides web hosting, domain and other services related to Internet services.

  • WebDimension Ltd. reserves the right to suspension or cancellation of its services to users who violate these terms.

  • WebDimension Ltd. has the right to make changes and corrections in prices without prior notice.

  • WebDimension Ltd. reserves the right to modify the content of the conditions of use without prior notice.

  • Any attempt to cause harm or damage on the server or harm another user is strictly prohibited.

  • Any over-exploitation of resources on the server leads to a temporary suspension of the account.



  • Each user must be 18 + years of age and in some countries 21+ years of age.

  • Each user is is solely responsible for the accuracy/truthfulness of the information when filling in the registration.

  • Each user after leasing WebDimension Start Package (web hosting package) is becoming an active user and franchise owner.

  • All franchise pages are edited by the WebDimension Ltd. except for the space info/support that regulates user who owns the eponymous franchise.

  • In the space info/support, users can place the links exclusively for the domain and/or subdomain sites for which the lease is executed via WebDimension Ltd.


The content of your website must not contain:

  • Elements of racial or religious intolerance, hatred and violence.

  • "Hacking" programs, scripts and/or other contents.

  • An invitation to illegal activities.

  • Content related to the sale of pirated software or materials, or set up links that lead to the same content. (warez, warez linking, p2p, torrent, open proxy scripts).

  • Content related to promoting or encouraging the use of  narcotic drugs or other assets whose use is prohibited by law.

  • Pornographic Content.

  • Photographic, audio or video materials for which you are not an authorized distributor or owner and that would violate any form of property.

  • Links to the above mentioned materials, or instructions on how to use the same.


The content of your e-mail address must not contain:

  • Sending unsolicited e-mails (SPAM) to a larger number of addresses.

  • Phishing - is strictly forbidden on the servers and will and the result will be immediately and permanently suspend of the account  if it determines that the owner of the hosting independently set it and intentionally commits fraud.

  • Hacking and/or script-hacking are strictly prohibited on WebDimension Ltd. servers, hacker scripts, linking to the same, attempt to damage the local system or attack other systems are strictly forbidden and will result in shutting down the account without prior notic.

  • Send so-called chain letters.

  • Using WebDimension Ltd. services for DOS attacks.


For the complete content that You published and placed on Your account You are solely responsible!


Domain registration:

  • All domains registered through WebDimension Ltd. system registered solely in your name, the name of your company or business. WebDimension Ltd.. administers the reserved domain according to your ordersand is not considered to be the owner of any domain leased by user.

  • WebDimension Ltd. can not be held responsible for the domain loss If the user does not extend or does not wish to extend their own domain in time.

  • WebDimension Ltd. shall not be liable If the current free domain (visible in our customer portal) free and in the meantime, purchased from third parties.

  • WebDimension Ltd. shall not be liable If your domain is deleted from the domain registrars for violating conditions of use (using the domain to send SPAM) which Registars themselves prescribe.

  • Your domain must be renewed before the end, because after we can not guarantee the possibility of renewal. WebDimension Ltd. will send a notice to the user on the business (franchise) e-mail before before the expiration of the domainthe and need for renewal. If the user DOES NOT renew the domain within this period the same is subject to loss and WebDimension Ltd. shall not be liable for the domain loss.

  • Certain Domain specific extensions have special conditions for registration and require special registration information and state of residence of user.


WebDimension Ltd. services payment:

  • All services provided WebDimension Ltd. will be charged according to the issued offer/quotation (unless otherwise expressly agreed with WebDimension Ltd.)

  • Offers  reserved for extension services will be sent via message on a mobile phone in intervals of 30 or 15 days before the expiration. After the expiration e-mail message will be sent with the notice of the expiration..

  • After the expiration user can still enter his account but all the options that have expired will not be active and user will not be able to use them.

  • For all services that are not extended WebDimension Ltd. will keep the data 90 days after the expiration, and thereafter will be permanently deleted.

  • WebDimension Ltd. has the right to cancel the service for user in any time without notice.

  • All prices on the WebDimension Ltd. site are expressed in Euro (€) and WebDimension Ltd. reserves the right to change the price of the services without prior notice.


Protecting user's privacy:

  • WebDimension Ltd. undertakes that all user personal information delivered during the ordering used for the sole purpose of contact with the customer and for opening the user account.

  • All data in the process of paying with credit cards are protected by the SSL protocol, which means that users' personal information during submission and processing orders are protected by the security protocol (SSL). In this way, we guarantee the confidentiality of customer information and their safe transfer.

  • WebDimension Ltd. undertakes to protect all user personal informationte and shall not be used for any purpose other than to cooperate.

  • Except for the following exceptions:

  • Domain registration (where the user data must be submitted that the domain could be properly and fully registered in the name of the beneficiary and/or business), the program registration and SSL certificates.



  • User of WebDimension Ltd. service acknowledges and agrees  that WebDimension Ltd. is not responsible for content posted/published on the website owned by the user.


Data backup:

  • Although WebDimension Ltd. performs data backup and allows the user to data recovery as an additional service, WebDimension Ltd. can not be held responsible for data loss due to backup recovery, it is important that you regularly create your own backups.


Using web hosting account:

  • WebDimension Ltd. allows users unlimited (FLAT) traffic and disk space to the Internet. Unlimited traffic and disk space is not meant to be malicious traffic wear (eg unlimited upload files to the server and distribute on the Internet, etc.).

  • Unlimited usage options (FLAT) traffic and disk space are related exclusively for all items that are required or necessary for the working and functioning of the site.

  • It is forbidden to sharing unlimited email accounts to third parties, offering free and/or web hosting or free email hosting services to third parties.

  • The user agrees to use the web-hosting packages for their own intended application, and publishing site.

  • Also users of web hosting packages undertakes to use its leased package to Fair Usage option and that their work will not endanger the work of other sites hosted on this server.

  • If the user jeopardize the work of other pages by any means, the user will be temporarily suspended until the situation deviations.

    WebDimension Ltd.                                          All rights reserved!